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At Ablewell, we recognise that to enable you or your loved one to stay at home independently, it is important that our support service is tailored to individual needs and preferences. Therefore, full assessments are carried out with the involvement of the individual and those important to them. This means that  that arrangements are built to meet specific requirements and preferences by the people who know best.

Regular reviews are carried out, and our service is flexible, and able to adapt to changing requirements.

Home Care

Personal care

Our Care Workers are trained in all areas relating to care and support and as such, can support with all aspects of personal care routines. This may include bathing, showering, hair washing, toilet needs or more personal touches such as personal grooming.

Each person has different needs, and each care arrangement will be different. These needs are identified at assessment and regularly reviewed.


Domestic Support

Our domestic service can be bolted on to a care package, or accessed as a stand alone arrangement. It can include things like general cleaning, laundry and shopping.

All of our Home Care services are delivered by the same team of trained and experienced Care Workers, and we adapt the service to meet your needs should they change, so if there are personal care needs during one of our domestic visits, we’re able, and happy to help.

Meal Preparation

Trained in Food Hygiene and Diet & Nutrition, the team can support with meal preparation.

We understand that everyone has different needs and preferences and will always be guided by the person receiving the support, whether its heating pre-prepared meals, or cooking fresh food from scratch.


Our team are all comprehensively trained in the administration of medications and regularly observed to ensure continued competence.

This service can also include liaison with the GP and Pharmacy should any review be required.


Personal Assessment

We believe that to reach the greatest level of independence, an individual’s own environment is the best place for them to be.

Our Personal Assessment looks at individual circumstances, and applies specialist knowledge in independent living.

Our Assessor will observe the individual in their home environment, and discuss daily routines, abilities and difficulties. The outcome is a report with recommendations that aim to enable continued independent living at home.

The assessment can be followed up with support to source equipment as recommended or accessing specialist services.

Home Assessment

Similar to our Personal Assessment, and more focussed on the living environment, the Home Assessment is carried out by a Health and Safety Professional via home visit.
The outcome is a report with recommendations about changes that can be made to the environment, to promote safe and independent living.
The assessment can be followed up with support to source equipment as recommended or accessing specialist services.



The Ableminds service has been designed to restore some of the meaningful time that may have been lost and to support individuals to keep their mind active.

Sessions are delivered in a persons own home and tailored to meet their needs, interests and abilities. We have a wide range of resources available, as well as exploring any familiar objects, photo’s or environments around the home. Activities can be pre-planned or person led.


Home and Environment Advice

Whilst we would always promote the benefits of being at home and in familiar surroundings, there are sometimes small changes that can be made, that will make a  valuable difference to someone living with dementia.

Dementia can lead our brain to misunderstand some of the information sent by our senses, meaning that the environment may look or feel different.

Our assessors have the knowledge and experience to make observations and suggest adaptations that could make life easier for the individual as well as those providing care and support.

Champion Service

Support from our Dementia Champion can be accessed by colleagues, customers and relatives alike.

Champions receive specialist training and the overall aim is to promote the wellbeing of those living with dementia.

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