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Published on: 05/12/19

I have been a Manager at Ablewell Care since the company was formed in 2012, and have worked in the homecare industry since leaving school in 2002.

Throughout this time I have carried out many roles in all areas of the homecare business. My work has enabled me to achieve qualifications in Health and Social Care, Health and Safety and most recently, Leadership/Management.

The most enjoyable part of my role as Manager is the variety that it brings. Which means that I can be working as a hands on Support Worker, supporting staff, and report writing, all within the same week!  My work is rewarding and I enjoy making a difference to people’s lives. Whether this is remembering just how a customer likes their morning cuppa’ or supporting staff to achieve a new qualification.

To do my job properly, understanding people is vital. I like to dedicate time every week to talk to staff and customers.